We are travelers - SAS

We are travelers - SAS

All employees in one of the SAS group companies in Sweden can be members. If you wish to be a member of one of the Club's sections, the fee for each section is added.

Professionally active:
For those who are working, the membership fee is currently SEK 200 per calendar year. The first year, when you register, you deposit SEK 200 to bankgiro 5954-0542 and notify SAS Klubben that you have deposited money. Subsequent years, as long as you wish to be a member, the fee will be deducted from your March salary.

For you who have retired as a pensioner (refers to those who receive an old-age pension), the membership fee is currently SEK 100 per calendar year. The fee is paid to bankgiro 5954-0542. Notify the SAS club that you deposited money and your email address.

Become a member of a section:
If you want to become a member of any of our sections, contact them separately. You can see who they are under the "Sektioner" menu. Please note that you must be a member of SAS Klubben to be a member of a section.

What happens when a company is sold
The group's policy stipulates that employees who leave SAS due to a full or partial sale of operations, fully or partially discontinued operations or outsourcing, can be members of the SAS Group Club for the same period as they are entitled to ID tickets, but for a maximum of 24 months after the resignation. This means the following and as long as no other agreements are made.

For those who wish to withdraw from the SAS Club
Send us an email at sas-klubben.se@sas.se with your name and employment number.
If you are a member of a section, you must contact that section yourself and ask for withdrawal. After receiving the deregistration, you will receive a confirmation from us.

If you have questions about your membership, you can reach us at sas-klubben.se@sas.se